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Need a creosote removal for your chimney?

You should be able to enjoy all the benefits of an open fire without having to worry about risk.  The build-up of creosote can be a real problem for your chimney flue and conventional chimney sweeping approaches aren't always effective.  You need a professional creosote remover, and that's where P & J Gallagher come in.

Why you  need a professional creosote remover

Creosote is highly flammable and is the source of many chimney fires.  The worst kind of creosote is glazed creosote - a shiny glazed form that is difficult to remove.  Luckily, P & J Gallagher uses a special powder called Cre-Away for this kind of creosote removal.

How Cre-Away works

  • Neutralizes acidity of creosote - making it less flammable and less corrosive


  • Absorbs oil and moisture from creosote


  • Reduces chance of chimney fire


  • Breaks down glazed creosote